Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the Design Process?

During the design process, I take the opportunity to really get to know you, understand your goals, and see the design through to a finished product. Initially, we want to get to know you to identify and analyze your needs, dreams, and goals. We then enter our brainstorming phase and will return to you with a conceptual presentation of our plan for approval.

Once we create a conceptual design, we will refine the project selecting the actual materials, finishes, etc. to outline the implementation process and visualize your finished project. We then create final specifications exploring every project detail to ensure successful results. Finally, we are ready to bring your project to life and procurement, delivery and installation take place.

How involved in the process will I be?

From start to finish, I am here to see your needs and desires are fulfilled in transforming your space. I will get to know you and your lifestyle, brainstorm and create your design, make selections of your materials and finishes and oversee your installation and construction. Your involvement is very important as my ultimate goal is to create a home that suits your lifestyle. I am here to bring my expertise to the process, eliminate stress to you, help you avoid making costly mistakes and allow you to spend your time on the things that matter most to you.

How do you set your service fee?

My design fee is determined by each project and the scope of the project. Each project is looked at carefully and the design fee will reflect the work required to successfully complete the project.

Do I need to have a budget in mind?

Absolutely!! We all have expectations and limitations. Knowing and discussing these at the beginning of a project help to ensure satisfaction with the results. If you do not have a budget, we are happy to help you come up with one before we begin the process.

Are your fees negotiable?

No, though we can modify your scope of work or phase projects. We know our cost of doing business, and for us to give you the best possible service, we include a reasonable profit in our fee. In order for us to provide the best possible client experience, we must run a profitable business.

Can I purchase my own products?

You can certainly purchase your own products and that is something that will be discussed in detail as we begin to work together. However, As a full-service firm I offer my clients custom products as well as “To the trade only” products which many clients seem to enjoy.

Do you meet in the evenings and weekends?

I can schedule meetings outside of normal business hours but those are generally an exception. My rate is higher if we meet outside of our typical business hours. I am happy to accommodate you by meeting you at your office over your lunch hour or by Skype if that is more convenient.

How do we get started?

Send me a note or give me a call. I’ll follow up with an email questionnaire to determine your goals and style. We can then set up a meeting to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

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