Designer for a Day

This is designed for the client who would like short-term professional guidance in the design of one room. Rosa works one-on-one with her clients answering questions, developing a plan, selecting paint colors, evaluating existing furnishings and making recommendations for purchasing for that particular room. Rosa listens to her clients needs and as a result they benefit from her personal attention and her expertise.

At the end of the day, you will receive a summary of Rosa’s recommendations, a customized action plan complete with a space plan and a story board with examples and suggestions. Scheduled from Monday through Thursday,

How do we get started?

Send me a note or give me a call. I’ll follow up with an email questionnaire to determine your goals and style. We can then set up a meeting to get you started.

Have any questions?

I am here to answer any questions you may have about our process, services, or whatever else is on your mind.