Dental and Medical Interior Design

While you take care of your patients, we take care of your design needs.

With over twenty years of dental experience, Rosa specializes in interior design services customizing your dental/medical office to your needs and style. Whether you are building a new office or remodeling an existing one, we want to make sure your office will meet the needs of the doctor, staff and patients.

Our design philosophy is to listen intently to the needs and wants of our clients and to implement the ADA Design Philosophy of Function. With that in mind, we incorporate patient flow into your office systems and procedures, carefully select materials, and are attentive to aesthetics and budget.

Our goal is to save you money by taking care of your construction and design needs so that you can take care of your patients with minimal distractions and down time.

Through the eyes of your customers

The Assessment

Most doctors and their staff enter and exit their offices through the back door and get right to work, usually unaware of the way their office is seen by the patients.

Rosa specializes in creating medical and dental office interiors that bring comfort to your patients and professionalism to your office.

The Consult

The consult consist of a meeting with the Doctor to gather the necessary information to learn of the doctor’s vision and aesthetic. From this we develop a design plan, recommend and specify finish samples and prepare specification documents.

The consult is perfect for someone wanting guidance in their project in order to avoid making a costly mistake with a minimal investment. Contact us to make your Consult appointment.

Prescription, a Full Service Design

Rosa works hand in hand with the architect and contractor on behalf of the doctor. This service not only includes the Consult described previously but also includes specifying and ordering materials and furnishings; preparing finish schedules and coordinating deliveries and installations with the doctor and contractor.

This service is designed for new construction or retrofitting an existing office and is specifically designed to remove the stress from the doctor during the process, allowing you, to continue working with minimal distractions and worries. minimize down time.

How do we get started?

Send me a note or give me a call. I’ll follow up with an email questionnaire to determine your goals and style. We can then set up a meeting to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Have any questions?

I am here to answer any questions you may have about our process, services, or whatever else is on your mind.